Prints at photopaper

Photo's will be printed at original Kodak® Royal fotopaper of high quality. You'll allways get a print of the original photo (this is the original 35mm negativ or slide or the original 6,1 megapixel file). So there will be no loss of quality.

The frame has aluminiumlook. Because this color is slightly shiny, it'll reflect the color of the area and therefor adjusts itself to each interior. The photo will be put in an offwhite passe-partout within the frame. The frame will therefor allways be one size bigger than the photo.

Photo (frame) size in cm* Price excl. frame Price incl. frame
10x15 (13x18)

€ 25,00

13x18 (20x30)


€ 45,00

20x30 (30x45)


€ 90,00

30x45 (40x60)


€ 120,00

40x60 (60x80)


€ 360,00

50x70 (70x100)


€ 450,00

* The real size of the photo depends on the size of the original. The size of the short side is allways correct!

Shipment is € 10,= for orders up to € 100,=. Orders exceeding € 100,= will be shiped free of charge. Allow approximately 3 weeks for delevery. If you want to onder photo's, please fill out this orderform and send it by email to: info[at]imageingtheworld[dot]com